The A.G.A. (Contractors) Company Locomotive ~ 'KONFYT'

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Here is a side picture of the contracting company locomotive ...(Ex. U.S. Army surplus) and as you can see the locomotive scales out not bad at all! The engineman ...'Jarrge'...(say 'George' with a Worcestershire 'burr' what you get) around 8 inches high and I scaled the cab roof to give him the right amount of headroom. For years I have wanted a LGB Porter in 7/8" scale after seeing a picture/article in a early issue of SMT about such a conversion in the black and white picture days.In the flesh so to speak the locomotive looks brilliant! The colour is a Humbrol shade that I use a lot and is what I call...'Muddy Brown'...half way between a proper colour and muddy rust! The icing of the cake was obtaining the rare GRS 32mm chassis! This can also apply to the LGB Porter that became 'discontinued' whilst I was finding the chassis. I at long last, obtained a LGB Porter off a chap living in outer Bristol. I then got stuck into the locomotive conversion. Note the 'Anglicised' additions of the Rosco lubricators on the tank front with their piping going into the cyclinder housing and also the Roundhouse smokebox door and dart. The steam generator came from Brandbright. See the steam dome in the cab?? (with the real 7/8" scale whistle on it?) That come off my former Regner 'Konrad' and was suitably 'bashed'! 'Jarrge' the engineman was a ex. 'Dr. Who' character that came in a fancy box of four figures for eight pounds (the most I have EVER spent on figures!) He was suitably 'bashed' and repainted and looks the part. The batteries and electronic controls (from Brian Jones) sit in the scratch-built tender under a pile of real wood 'logs' that came from pruning's off the former Ash tree in our back garden! The actual body build of the tender was helped by the fact that the body shell make-up was very much the same as my scratch built wagons. By the way, the locomotive name plate as seen above is not unlevel! The top wood of the cab side has dried and warped a little....hence the supposed 'slant'! The locomotive name of 'KONFYT' is Afrikaans thus showing the world-wide customer base of our company. (May 2018)


Here are forward and reverse pictures of the A.G.A. ex. U.S. Army surplus 0.4.0. Porter locomotive out at work on the hillside track ledge in rural Worcestershire!

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