Welcome to my website!

Hello, This is a warm welcome to my web page concerning my 7/8" scale ~18" gauge garden railway set in my rear garden in North Worcestershire, England. I was/am quite suprised on the 'hits' here as I am not too bothered about exact scale as I dislike the words...'Prototype' and 'Correct' as refering to model railways. I am in fact modelling in a 'rubber-scale' that is half way between 7/8" scale and 1.12th. scale. (Dolls House scale) By picking this so called ...'RUBBER'... scale I find it allow's me access to lot's more bits to make scratch building or 'bashing' easy! I set up this web site in November 2008 and after one year recieved over 9,600+ hits which quite suprised me! My home is situated on the slopes of a nearby range of hills and slopes rather steeply (see next page) so a ground level line was out. There are many attractions to a raised line but the main one is that you can see these large scale models at face level. My line serves a large factory making conserves (if your posh) or 'jam'... (if your NOT!) and is a simply circuit of around 95 feet with a factory/goods yard at Reynoldston Junction, a loading platform (for the picked fruit) at Rhubarb End and a small 'Reynitium' mine in the Dodford Hills with a turnout leading to it. The line nearest my house is raised on a rock faced ledge about 15 inches off our lawn and the goods yard is situated here. The rest of the line rise's in height as the garden and lawn slopes downwards. At the bottom of the garden we dug out the garden to have a lower patio where the greenhouse and railway shed are, there is now also a wall about 4' 6" high with a ledge on the lawn side where the railway line runs. The line here sits on building blocks faced with half-moon split timber which looks rather nice. A few of the names used on the line are based on a favorite cycle ride of mine down to Droitwich, Worcestershire which is a ex. Roman salt town with four Roman roads leading to it plus a fort. Reynoldston is a lovely village on the Gower Peninsular in South Wales and along with the place name....Rhubarb End, was used on the 16mm scale version of what you will see here!

"Proof of the Pudding"!

west dodford 001

Here's a cutting out of the local paper from 2002 of local fruit picking over 100 years ago! When I was modelling the 7mm version of my outfit (early 1980's) I just picked a area... (Dodford) off the route of a cycle ride I enjoy as the name of my line plus the fact that the area matched my initals...W.D.R.....West Dodford Railway....Get it?! I... (to my suprise) found a item in the local paper in the 'Down Memory Lane' section in July 1993 concerning July 3, 1943 when the strawberry season was in full swing and the comments on...... "the huge acreage planted in Dodford, and the vast quantities of fruit picked" in the PAST.... and how things had declined! It also stated that labour was in short supply dispite wages of a shilling (5p.) a hour on offer..... (I suppose with a war on labour was bound to in short supply!) I was most suprised to find the above picture, (in July 2002) as it seemed to be too good to be true that the area choosen for my outfit was in fact a FORMER big fruit growing area!